Speed Plating Event

You are invited to the first ever Speed Plating event!

We are excited to invite you to this great event! We will be pairing 5 different cheeses with 5 different beers and while you're imbibing like kings and queens, you'll be meeting other people who love the same stuff!

We invite you to come make new friends and try new pairings on Tuesday, June 27 from 6pm to 9pm. This isn't restricted to any person... unless you don't like good food and good beers!

Your $20 ticket will include 5 cheeses and beers that we will present to you and also a full beer for the first part of the evening.

The evening will look like this: 
6pm: Happy hour with your first free drink
7pm: Speed Plating begins

Please come in to the Tasting Room any time in the next two weeks to buy your ticket. Hurry, though, there are only 20 spots for this event!