Drink Local Think Global Charity Event

Think Global
Ginger Root/Peach Pale Ale
31 IBU

5 Weeks.
3 Communities.

Help us raise $45,000 in 5 weeks to provide clean and safe drinking water to 3 communities located in Berbérati, Central African Republic. Since there are not enough water points in the area of Berbérati, people in the community are forced to wait in line for hours to receive clean water, and some don’t have access to clean water at all. Most water pumps are currently being used by too many people, and this can jeopardize the proper function of the wells over time. Not only is there not enough water to go around, but the over-usage of the sources they do have results in parts of the system becoming fragile. Drink Local Think Global’s goal is to provide 3 additional wells to the area by raising $45,000 in 5 weeks. You can help!

Notes from the Brewer: 
After we were approached to work on this charity brew with Drink Local, Think Global, we wanted to do something unique with it. After discussing a few details with one of their ground partners on the well development program, we discovered that in addition to a low ABV, 'ginger beer,' most brewing in the Central African Republic is generally a palm wine utilizing palm sugar. Think Global is an oatmeal pale ale hopped with Mosaic and Hallarateau Blanc with fresh Peruvian ginger root added at whirlpool, palm sugar, and finished with sweet peaches. This beer begins with a nose of white wine, freshly grated ginger and sweetness, but with a dry, ginger-forward finish complimented by peach. 

Nov. 8: Drink Local Think Global representatives will be at the brewery; answering questions, selling shirts and having a couple of these amazing brews.