I Refuse

Dear Internet-land, this is Kayla. She likes beer and coffee. 

What in the holy hell do you do here? 
I drink and I know things.

Years in the industry?
.25 (I've been here since February. I'm a n00b.)

Where have you worked before & what have you done?
I've been working in coffee for over 5 years, and that's my true scene. I do it all: roasting coffee, bagging coffee, brewing coffee, serving coffee, cleaning up coffee, all the good stuff. I actually work literally just across the street at Thou Mayest, come see me immediately. 

What is something you can’t live without?
Coffee. Beer. Dogs. Friends. Baked goods. I can't count.

Favorite place to have a beer?
Is it a cop-out to say Double Shift? Probably. TBH, anywhere with a patio.

Who is the one person you wish you could buy a round for?
Unrealistically, David Duchovny. I'm trash for The X-Files. 

Which beer is your favorite DS beer?
I like hops and pretty things. If it falls into those categories, I love it. Really though, I'll drink literally anything.

What 3 other beers are you drinking?
Oh man, this is hard. I hate making decisions and I like everything. Don't make me do this.

What are you drinking that isn’t beer?
Coffee, obvi. Or wine. I'm destined to be that cliche aunt that posts coffee & wine memes on social media. (Secret: I already do that.)

What is your most played song right now?
I've been bumping the usual recently: Fall Out Boy (note from the editor: we don't claim her anymore), Panic! at the Disco, Rise Against, David Bowie, Mastodon, Iron Maiden, Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae, lots of stuff.

If you were immortal for a day, what would you do?
Probably some very ill-advised wannabe crime-fighter crap.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I know literally everyone says cooking, but tbh I'm a dope-ass baker. I make the world's best frosting. I will THROW DOWN against your GRANDMA in a frosting duel and WIN. Also occasionally bowling.

What do you do when you aren’t working?
Buddy, I work all the dang time. Uh, I play video games or drink with friends, I guess.

What’s one item from your bucket list?
Normal answer: I just wanna travel, my dude. Dork answer: seeing Fall Out Boy play a hometown show in Chicago, but I'm bouta do that in September, so..... Bad answer: I've always wanted to punch someone in the face.

Do you have any pets?
YES. I have two dogs and they're my best friends. Holly is old and angry and Jeda is a friendly cinnamon roll.

What would you name your autobiography?
Definitely some sort of bad pun, probably coffee related.

What super power would you have?

What was the last picture you took on your phone?
Honest to God, a picture of Bryan's bachelor-ass fridge. Before that, it's all dog pics and memes.

Which movie can you quote the most?
Zoolander, no question.

What style of beer have you learned to enjoy?
All of them? I hated beer when I first started drinking and now I love everything. I have found the light.

What was the beer that got you in to craft beer?
Blonde Fatale from Peace Tree outta Iowa.

Any last words?
This question makes it sound like I'm dying. I refuse.