Kasey Orlik: Teacher of Children & Beers…Wait…

Known for her sassiness and sarcasm, we get to know a little more about one of our favorite bartenders. 

What the hell do you do for DS?
I show up look good and pour beer.

How many years in the craft beer industry have you had?
Specifically this place, almost a year, but I began learning about beers 2 years ago, and would love to learn more.

Where have you worked before and what have you done?
Talk of the town for 4 years (managed, served, bartender)
J. Alexanders (served and bartender)
Teaching at KCKPS

What is one thing that you can’t live without?
Coffee, beer, music

Where is your favorite place to have a beer?
Double shift, Cinderblock, Barleys

Who is the one person you wish you could buy a round for?
Notorious RBG or Warren

Which of our beers is your favorite?

Name your top 3 favorite beers:
Duchess de Brougine (totally jacked the spelling)
Boulevard 80 acre
Sister Abby

What are you drinking that isn’t beer?
Coffee, water, gin and tonic

What is your most played song right now?
Anything on pandora, they DJ my life.
90's mainly

If you were immortal, what would you do?
Travel (via flying) to a whole bunch of different places over in Europe.

Do you have any hidden talents?
If I tell you they won’t be hidden anymore.
I listen really well.

What do you do when you aren’t working?
I work more, being a teacher is hard.
I enjoy running, reading and watching horror movies.

Do you have any pets?
English and French bulldogs- totes adorbs

What’s one item on your bucket list?

What would you name your autobiography?
Orlik my balls world

What was the last picture you took on your phone?
It was of a quote for my background.

What movie you can quote the most?
Step brothers

What is the style of beer that you’ve learned to enjoy?

What was the beer that got you in to craft beer?

Any last words?
You killed my father... prepare to die